McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park houses significant sculpture and artworks within its generous grounds and modern buildings.

Ron Mueck Catalogue is an A5 catalogue with dust jacket that doubles as a huge poster showcasing the larger-than-life Wild Man sculpture.

Exhibition catalogues produced between

a mixture of sizes and formats for many notable artists including; Fred Williams, Anthony Pryor and John Brack.

McClelland Sculpture Survey catalogues

a substantial publication for prestigious biennial award featuring each participating artist, their submitted work, previous work, biography and rationales.

Vincas Jomantas
a comprehensive retrospective exhibition catalogue documenting the original contribution the artist made to the development of contemporary sculpture in Australia in the mid to late 20th century.

Textural Apprehensions
is a large-format catalogue showcasing two diverse photographers where the size of the format, layout and choice of paper stock contributed in reinforcing the styles of the two artists.